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Gpg4win 3.1.4

A useful email security with an easy to understand and use graphical interface
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Google Chrome 70.0.3538.67

Google Chrome runs web pages and applications with lightning speed
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Invoice Expert XE Lite 4.44

Can help you create invoices and manage your customers and products databases
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Centralized devices control to protect information in network PCs
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3D Photo Browser Light 14.50

Supports audio files playing feature and visualization of the MP3 information
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Libre FTP, SFTP, WebDAV & cloud storage browser for Mac & Windows
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BCWipe Total WipeOut 6.09.17

Securely and permanently erases all data from the entire hard drive
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FX Graph 7.003.7

A simple, easy to use, but powerful, graphing program
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Skype Prev

Bundled with support for file transfers, screen sharing
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CDex 2.10

Designed to extract audio tracks from a CD-ROM digitally
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Graphic Workshop Professional 9.0a.1

A flexible, user-friendly graphics editor that processes and optimizes images
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EAGLE Light 9.2.1

Designed specifically for creating printed circuit boards (PCBs)
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