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Pitchwheel x64 5.21 review by Miguel (Feb 28, 2024)


GHC Generador de Horarios ES review by osar (Feb 28, 2024)


Sofeh Music Studio 9.2.6 review by MORAD (Feb 28, 2024)


SoftPerfect Switch Port Mapper 3.1.8 review by zxc (Feb 27, 2024)

effective tool for port and device identification

NoteBurner Amazon Video Downloader for Windows 2.1.1 review by Jay Davies (Feb 22, 2024)

Powerful support team! They answer my questions rapidly every time. Many thanks for them! I'd like to recommend NoteBurner to all of you who enjoy prime films. You can save films forever with it.

DriverFinder 5.0.0 review by karun (Feb 15, 2024)

Bought a license. Like it so far. Latest realtek audio and graphics driver for my system.

Driver Genius Professional Edition review by misha (Feb 15, 2024)

Update messed up my audio. had to restore from backup.

DriverFinder 5.0.0 review by Ron (Feb 13, 2024)

Have used the program for a long time. Version 5 is a big improvement with better driver installation and finally they included a scheduler.

SameMovie HBOMax Video Downloader for Mac 2.1.0 review by Hannah (Jan 31, 2024)

I can download Max films without spending too much time. It is also compatible with VPN.

AVC.AI 1.0 review by Trevor (Jan 31, 2024)

Incredible. The tool is great to fix my blurry videos. The price is affordable.

SameMovie ParamountPlus Downloader for Mac 2.1.1 review by Deborah (Jan 31, 2024)

FYI, I live in France, and the app works well on my pc. It has a simple UI, and I love it.

DispCam 2.1.1 review by Laura (Jan 31, 2024)

The download speed of this app is fast, and the interface is similar to Disney+'s. It allows me to download Disney+ movies without spending too much time. GREAT.

TunePat VideoGo All-In-One 2.0.1 review by Colin (Jan 31, 2024)

I love the all-in-one app. I can download movies and shows from many sites without opening the second app. That's awsome. And I can download videos in batches at a fast speed.

SameMovie DisneyPlus Video Downloader 2.1.0 review by Janet (Jan 31, 2024)

I have to say the downloader is great. Although it can't download 4k film, which is too big in size, it supports downloading multilingual subtitles and audio tracks. This function is best for a language learner.

VidiCable 2.0.0 review by Kevin (Jan 31, 2024)

Glad to see Apple TV+ is fianlly on the supported list. The speed is quite fast, and VTT subtitles can be downloaded as well.

Deep Freeze review by Irodi (Jan 29, 2024)

after applying the patch unable to access the Dashboard.

ProfExam Lite 7.1.23200.61 review by Luis (Jan 28, 2024)

It's better than the previous version. Used it for test preparation. Recommend it to everyone.

ZOC 8.07.5 review by Sharky (Jan 28, 2024)

Impressive. Never thought I'd pay for a terminal emulator when there are many free ones, but I wouldn't want to miss this one anymore.

Karaoke 5 49.05 review by kar (Jan 26, 2024)

very user friendly

Tidabie Tidal Music Converter for Mac 2.3.1 review by Lisaf (Jan 25, 2024)

I've been using Tidabie for a few days now to download Tidal tracks. I had a HiFi membership, but it was disappointing that I could only listen to HiFi songs on the Tidal app during my subscription period. Luckily, I found Tidabie. It works great for downloading HiFi tracks to local folders so that I can listen to them offline on other devices. Tidabie preserves Tidal's high sound quality and even allows me to convert music files to other formats if I need to. What impressed me the most was the download speed. This program offers two download sources: the app source and the web player source. The download speed for HiFi music is up to 10x when using the web player source. Strongly recommend Tidabie to anyone who wants to download Tidal tracks!!